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Random 1 a.m. thoughts #1

Hello Beautiful people, it’s me again, after some time. Okay, after a very long time. I hope you are all doing amazing and if you aren’t no worries, just be kind and have courage and everything will be fine eventually, I promise you and remember there are always people that care for you no matter what so think about them I hope it makes you feel better.

I just realized something, nothing or no one in this entire world can take away your peace unless you let it/ them do so. Be cool and accept the thing I mean fuck society be a rebel, there’s nothing wrong with being a misfit just don’t be rude and try to act all cool because that sucks and that’s not exactly what being a misfit means.

Well, being a misfit means being free, not being limited by society's old, traditional rules but that does not in any way mean that you lose your value and/or start disrespecting others. You don’t know someone’s past or their present for that matter so just be kind and have courage.

Let’s come back to the topic now, we got all way distracted up there.

YOU NEED TO ACCEPT THE FAILURES IN LIFE TO BE CALM. That’s all-in capitals for you to emphasize upon and read it one more time or maybe more. It’s okay to fail in an exam, it’s okay if you are the only one to fail. You learn from mistakes, I mean how would you learn if you made no mistakes, if you make mistakes then that’s a really good sign because that shows you at least tried.

Please I beg you don’t waste your time trying to achieve something that doesn’t exist, perfection. You are amazing the way you are and you are unique, don’t be someone’s shadow, BE YOU, you’re better off that way.

And remember to always Be Kind and Have Courage.

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