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Your friend works hard for something. Do you appreciate their hard work and dedication, or do you consider it as something of no importance?

I reckon you chose the latter choice. If you chose the first one, I’d recommend you show some gratitude to the surrounding people. If you took the second option, I wanted to ask you another question. When you appreciate people for their hard work and dedication, why do you forget to appreciate yourself?

You are amazing, one of a kind. Let me remind you of how rare you are. Your chances of being born at the time and place you were born are 1 in 400 trillion, that is 4 with 12 zeroes (i.e., 4,000,000,000,000). Let it sink in. If you still don’t realize your uniqueness, I have got one more thing for you. If someone gives you $1million in return for your eyes, provided the fact you can never see again, would you accept the money? What about $1billion?? Or $1trillion???? No, right?? See, that’s how much you’re worth. No amount of money could ever change your decision about that.

Now suppose you buy something precious let’s say, a car, for example, that’s worth $1 million, you’d take great care of it right?? Then why do you forget to take care of the most valuable thing, that is you!!!

You deserve the love, happiness, and everything good in this world that you give to others. It’s okay if sometimes you did nothing. You should relax and take rest from the role you have been playing in this world.

So have moments where you do nothing, relax, just relax…… cause you, my friend, deserve it.

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Yooghi Maya
Yooghi Maya
03 abr 2022

exactly I accept you...our calm mind is the ultimate weapon against our challenges. So relax.

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