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she looked liked art...

It’s cold outside and you just arrived, you take off your coat and enjoy the

sensation of your body being introduced to warmth while a familiar face catches your eye and you recognize the person, you smile, and walk towards that person, you two hug each other and now you have nothing to complain about, the cold, sitting with that person makes you feel that it was all worth it.

You sit down and you both start talking you order a hot chocolate/coffee

and the ambience around you just fits perfectly, it’s enough heat to keep you warm but not too warm, but just enough warmth to make you comfortable as if you are in your own home and you notice how beautiful everything looks being illuminated by the orangish light of the fire; the bonfire, the windows, the people around you and her.

You start talking and it’s not just any conversation, this is special, you looked forward to this because talking to her makes you calm and happy and you aren’t in a hurry now, you don’t care about any of your pending tasks because you just can’t, she looks like a piece of art and you are the artist who understands her for you know her and you have a connection with her that you just can’t explain.

Whatever she does you just admire her, you are there but you get lost sometimes, lost in her eyes and there is no map to get you out of there, and even if there is one you just don’t want to find it because you feel comfortable getting lost, it feels very cosy and nice being lost in her eyes seeing how beautiful she is.

Sometimes it feels as if time has slowed down and all you can see is her beauty and the way she smiles, the way she smiles and, in a moment, you can imagine your whole future with her and the vision is amazing and you wish it to be true but you are so into this moment right now that you just want to savour it and something about her feels very homely and cozy as if you both have known each other for a very long time and you just smile to yourself, she looked like art...

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Jan 28, 2021

The way you wrote it felt as if I was right there witnessing this beautiful moment

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