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Unheard Voice...

I'm too afraid right now, never have I ever had the courage to reveal who I truly am and I still don't know how I'm doing it right now. Whenever people see me, they think of me as a happy go lucky person who doesn't take things seriously and is always happy but little do they know the actual truth, the things that go on inside my mind and what I actually feel. Earlier I used to think that people actually want to be my friend but no, I was stupid to think so. No one actually wants to be friends with me. They just pretend to be friends with me until... I am of no use to them and then they just don't care and I'm not their priority anymore.

I convince myself every single time that I have real friends when in reality they are not and it just fucking hurts to lie to myself every single time and I can't even cry because I know it's of no use for I know that my cries will be unheard of always...

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