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Social Media Marketing Internship

Nurture "Life Under A Maple Tree" Online with Our Social Media Marketing Intern!

Internship Opportunity:

This isn't just an internship, it's an invitation to co-create. You'll be the sunbeam shining on our social media strategy, helping our captivating content sprout across the digital landscape. Alongside experienced professionals, you'll learn the tricks of the trade, hone your skills, and leave your mark on "Life Under A Maple Tree's" online persona.

Skills & Qualifications:

  • Social Media Maestro: You juggle Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest like a seasoned circus performer, effortlessly engaging and captivating audiences.

  • Content Curator Extraordinaire: Your nose knows exactly where to sniff out the juiciest online treats – articles, videos, images – that perfectly align with our blog's mission and resonate with our audience.

  • Copywriting Wizard: With a sprinkle of wit and a dash of wisdom, you conjure captivating captions and posts that grab attention and spark conversation like crackling bonfire embers.

  • Community Cultivator: You're the friendly neighbor watering everyone's digital flowers, responding to comments, fostering discussions, and nurturing a positive, supportive online haven.

  • Data Decoder: Numbers whisper secrets to you. You understand analytics like a fluent speaker, using insights to inform future strategies and make "Life Under A Maple Tree" bloom online.

  • Time Management Ninja: Deadlines cower before your organized might. You juggle tasks with the grace of a hummingbird, consistently hitting your targets and keeping the social media garden thriving.

  • Collaboration Champion: Teamwork makes the dream work, and you're the ultimate teammate. You communicate openly, share ideas with enthusiasm, and celebrate successes with the whole crew.

Intern Responsibilities:

  • Conceptualize and implement a dynamic social media strategy aligned with the blog's goals and target audience.

  • Craft captivating social media content, from eye-catching visuals to persuasive copy that tugs at heartstrings and tickles funny bones.

  • Schedule and publish posts across various platforms, keeping the social media garden blooming constantly.

  • Monitor and analyze social media performance using the latest tools, unearthing valuable insights to guide future growth.

  • Design and launch social media campaigns and promotions to attract new followers and deepen existing connections.

  • Respond to comments and messages promptly and professionally, ensuring everyone feels welcome and appreciated.

  • Stay ahead of the curve, researching social media trends and best practices to keep "Life Under A Maple Tree" at the forefront of online engagement.

Assessment Questions:

  • Share a social media campaign you've created or analyzed that blossomed beautifully. What was its secret sauce?

  • Describe your process for crafting social media content that speaks to different platforms and audiences.

  • Imagine encountering a prickly comment. How would you transform it into an opportunity for connection and growth?

  • Which social media account inspires you the most? What wisdom can we glean from its success?


  • Gain valuable experience in social media marketing for a growing blog, learning from experienced professionals and building a transferable skillset in content creation, community management, and data analysis.

  • Get your hands dirty in the exciting world of digital marketing, leaving your mark on "Life Under A Maple Tree's" online presence.

  • Watch your portfolio bloom with successful social media campaigns and strategies.

  • Make a real difference in connecting "Life Under A Maple Tree" with its wider audience, fostering a vibrant community of growth and well-being.

Join our thriving community and help us branch out online! Submit your resume and cover letter with answers to the assessment questions to

We look forward to seeing your social media magic blossom!

Please Note: This internship is unpaid, but offers valuable practical experience and potential for future paid opportunities.

We value and encourage diversity in our team. Applicants from all backgrounds and experiences are welcome!

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