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UI/UX Design Internship

Craft the Perfect User Experience for "Life Under A Maple Tree" - UI/UX Design Intern!

Internship Opportunity:

This internship isn't just about pixels and code. It's a chance to delve into the heart of "Life Under A Maple Tree," understand our readers' needs, and craft a seamless, intuitive journey that guides them through our leafy haven. You'll work closely with our team, hone your design skills, and see your creations come to life on our website.

Skills & Qualifications:

  • UI/UX Design Wizard: You wield design software like a seasoned artist, adept at Figma, Sketch, or other relevant tools.

  • Wix Whisperer: You possess a deep understanding of the Wix platform and its capabilities, able to translate design concepts into stunning and functional Wix experiences.

  • User Empathy Champion: You see the world through your users' eyes, understanding their needs, pain points, and motivations. You can anticipate their journey and design accordingly.

  • Visual Storyteller: Your designs aren't just wireframes, they tell a story and guide users through a delightful experience.

  • Accessibility Advocate: You champion inclusive design, ensuring our website is accessible and welcoming to everyone.

  • Team Player: Collaboration is your middle name. You communicate ideas effectively, work well with diverse perspectives, and value feedback.

Intern Responsibilities:

  • Analyze user behavior and research user needs to inform your design decisions.

  • Design and prototype user interfaces and user experiences for our Wix website and mobile app (if applicable).

  • Ensure UI elements align with "Life Under A Maple Tree's" branding and visual identity.

  • Conduct usability testing and iterate on your designs based on user feedback.

  • Stay updated on UI/UX trends and best practices, particularly within the Wix ecosystem.

  • Assist with other design-related tasks as needed.


  • Gain valuable hands-on experience in UI/UX design for a growing blog, learning from experienced professionals and building a diverse portfolio.

  • Hone your design skills and techniques within the Wix platform, a highly sought-after skill in the industry.

  • See your work come to life on a popular website and reach a wide audience.

  • Network with other creative professionals and gain valuable industry insights.

  • Contribute to the user experience and success of "Life Under A Maple Tree."

Join our team and let your design magic blossom! Submit your resume, portfolio, and answers to the assessment questions to

We look forward to seeing your UI/UX magic take root!

Please Note: This internship is unpaid, but offers valuable practical experience and potential for future paid opportunities.

We value and encourage diversity in our team. Applicants from all backgrounds and experiences are welcome!

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