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Parth Anand

An Indian teen guy who happens to be a b


Hey there! I'm P, a guy in his early 20s, navigating the ups and downs of life and learning something new every single day. This blog is my space to share anything and everything without limitations or rules.

I'm fascinated by the complexities of the human mind and constantly exploring the field of psychology. But my curiosity doesn't stop there – I love diving into new subjects, no matter how complicated they seem at first. If I can't break it down and explain it in simple terms, it bothers me to no end!

Music is a constant companion, but my taste is ever-changing. One day, I'm blasting rock anthems, and the next, I'm lost in the depths of classical compositions. Sometimes, I even get so sick of my own playlists that I take a break and embrace the sweet sound of silence.

When I'm not geeking out over psychology or getting lost in melodies, you'll likely find me with my nose buried in a book. Reading is my escape, my adventure, and my constant source of inspiration.

So, join me on this wild ride as I share my thoughts, musings, and everything in between. Who knows where this journey will take us? But one thing's for sure – it's going to be one hell of an adventure!

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My Story

The Serene City and the Blossoming of a Passion

My name is P, and my journey begins in the serene city of Dehradun, where I was raised. From an early age, I discovered a profound love for the written word – a passion that would later fuel the creation of my blog. This affection for storytelling blossomed from my childhood encounters with captivating storybooks and the daily newspapers that graced our home.

While many kids today face gentle admonitions for excessive screen time, I, on the other hand, received gentle reprimands for an entirely different reason – my insatiable appetite for books. I would often find myself surreptitiously immersed in the pages of a novel, neglecting my prescribed course materials in favor of the vibrant worlds that unfolded within those beloved tomes. 

A Journey to Solitude and a Newfound Purpose

My path eventually led me to a different college in the bustling city of Bangalore. Amidst the urban hustle, I found solace in solitude, embarking on explorations of the city's hidden corners and tucked-away sanctuaries. However, my introverted nature left me feeling isolated and unsupported at times, a realization that ignited a spark within me – a determination to ensure that no one else would have to endure such loneliness.

With a renewed sense of purpose, I extended a helping hand to my peers, ensuring that no one was left behind or felt excluded. Witnessing the transformative power of inclusivity and support ignited a deep passion within me – an unwavering desire to assist and uplift others in any way I could, no matter how small the gesture.

A Hiatus and a Rejuvenated Purpose

Along the way, life's ebbs and flows led me to take an unforeseen hiatus from publishing blogs, though my love for writing never waned. But now, I stand before you, rejuvenated and reconnected to my purpose, ready to weave compelling narratives that resonate with the depths of the human experience.

Join me on this journey, where I'll delve into the fascinating realms of psychology, health, and fitness, offering insights and igniting curiosity that empowers readers to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. As a psychology major, I'm particularly captivated by the intricacies of the human brain and the profound connection between mental well-being and physical health.

The Birth of Life Under a Maple Tree

Life Under a Maple Tree was born from a deep-rooted desire to create a sanctuary of inspiration, growth, and connection. As I reflect on the journey that led me here, I am reminded of the tranquility and wisdom that can be found beneath the sheltering branches of a maple tree.

The choice of this name holds significant meaning. The maple tree, with its sprawling branches and vibrant foliage, represents strength, resilience, and the beauty of change. It stands as a timeless symbol of nature's wisdom, reminding us to embrace life's seasons and find solace in its embrace.

Life Under a Maple Tree encapsulates the essence of my vision – a space where individuals can seek refuge, find inspiration, and embark on transformative journeys of self-discovery. Just as the maple tree offers shelter, so too does this platform aim to provide a haven for personal growth, knowledge sharing, and community engagement.

Through this blog, I aspire to bring forth stories, insights, and perspectives that nurture the mind and nourish the soul. It is a place where ideas take root, where readers can gather beneath the virtual canopy of a maple tree, and embark on a journey of exploration, learning, and self-expression.

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